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About Us

About  "This is Moray" 

This is
  is a recently established online magazine, run by a local partnership, for the county of Moray and from the county of Moray.   It offers local and tourist information and services to the people of Moray and to the global community.  In addition to local information (such as business links, tradesmen, education etc) there are many pages on attractions, activities, entertainment, shopping, food and drink, travel links, accommodation of all kinds and what's on in the area.  Individual towns and villages from Forres to Cullen, from Lossiemouth to Tomintoul and all points in between get their own illustrated page.

About the "This is Moray" partnership 

This is Moray  is run by two brothers who were born and brought up in an area which they love.   The brothers both moved away from the area for career purposes and moved back again to bring up families in the same environment as they had enjoyed in their childhood.  

The partners have a combined knowledge of Moray which spans over 80 years, and are therefore well placed to offer advice and information relating to the area.   Their backgrounds lie in the fields of business management, manufacturing, export, sales administration, customer service, finance, accountancy and web development.   They have a network of contacts within the Moray area and have already been working with trusted authorities on various subjects in order to ensure accuracy of the content within this online magazine.

 Who Owns "This is Moray"?

You do!

This is Moray  is your site, whether you are a resident of Moray, or whether you live on the other side of the globe and have an interest in Moray.

We will develop the best area online magazine on the internet, and YOU can help to make it great.   We not only welcome your comments and contributions, but actively encourage them.   Our site will become increasingly interactive, and we will do everything we can to help you express your opinions on anything you feel is relevant.

Let us know how you want the site to develop.   Explore the site and let us know what is great.   More importantly, let us know what is not so great.   We will listen and respond!

If you have a particular talent or skill or a hobby, occupation or interest in which you excel, we would welcome a contribution to our online magazine.   Why not share your interest (whether it be gardening or hang gliding in Moray) with the local community and with the world.

You can send a "letter to the editor" or if you have some expertise to share, we may set up a category for your contribution.   There will also be other methods of interacting.   Just give us a little time.   Keep visiting, as the site is changing daily.

Come and join us!